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Artist statement

lagomorph explores alternate stories to fill gaps created by capitalism and colonialism with a focus on capturing inner truth and alternate possibilities. They weave stories that bridge gaps in between, and draw attention to the intersections between liberation and social justice movements, focusing on queer histories, working class history, generational trauma, activism, environmentalism and present day politics. They approach their work through a storytelling lens, placing these histories and truths into personal, understandable and digestible realities into conversation with each other. 


lagomorphhh creates imaginative, illustrative objects, drawings, prints, and stories which could be seen as pieces of possible narratives; different ways to connect with the past and potential futures through layers of abstraction with no right or wrong answer. What matters to them is not accurately recreating the past or to predict the future, but rather to capture an inner truth and a possible alternative reality of colonial experiences. In a sense, creating new culture from a series of “what-ifs” and new stories / lore. 


They work with primarily local, sustainable materials; and explores technique intensive processes to create new aesthetics and novel craft technicales in order to achieve new conceptual possibilities. Through this research and exploration process, their practice brings to light the connections between craft technique and concept. Their work moves fluidly through different mediums, including sculpture, printmaking, textiles, performance, and illustration.


Artist bio

lagomorphhh is a queer, non-binary, mixed Settler-Indigenous Canadian artist, foster care system survivor and adoptee who grew up in Calgary, Alberta. They received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a focus in Textiles / Fashion from NSCAD University in Halifax in 2019, and subsequently attended the University of Calgary for a Master of Architecture Degree. They are an artist, writer, and curator with a focus in making work about queer histories, generational trauma, working class history, activism, environmentalism and present day politics through a storytelling lens, placing these histories and truths into personal, understandable and digestible realities in conversation with each other. 


lagomorphhh has recently attended the Banff centre for a residency, taught fish skin tanning classes across turtle island in places such as Prince Edward Island / Epekwitk, and Vancouver, and is currently working on a commission for the Calgary Public Library and a project for the CAFKA Biennial. They have exhibited their work across Turtle Island, at various institutions such as: the Banff Centre for the arts, The Confederation Centre for the arts in Charlottetown PEI, Gallery Gachet in Vancouver, TRUCK Contemporary Art, Stride Gallery, and The New Gallery in Calgary. Their curatorial work has spanned various projects, such as a curatorial beadwork style study in treaty 7, and their current Curatorial residency at TRUCK Contemporary Art Gallery in Calgary, Alberta.

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